Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles islands are divided into the Inner Islands and Outer Islands and are known for their culture, natural beauty and positive outlook on advancement. In all, the Seychelles islands total to 115 and cover a land area of roughly 455 km². Constitutionally however, 150 islands are said to belong to the Seychelles archipelago.

The Seychelles islands are located to the east coast of Africa, about 480 km and 1600 km away and extend from about 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator. 40 of the Seychelles islands are identified as the earth’s oldest mid-oceanic granite islands and another 74 are made up of the Outer Islands which are primarily coral reef formations and low-lying cays.

Most of the Inner Islands of the Seychelles are granitic and are concentrated around Praslin, Mahé and La Digue. These three Seychelles islands are the center of economic and cultural activity in Seychelles as well as where the majority of Seychelles’ population is concentrated. In total, 43 islands make up the Inner Islands of Seychelles, 2 of which are coral and 41 with granite formation. The islands Inner Islands include Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, Cerf, Denis Island, Ste. Anne, Birds Island, North Island, Chauve, Fregate and Silhouette. These Seychelles islands all provide accommodation and professional services for visitors. Other islands include Petite Soeur, St. Pierre, Ile Cocos, Anonyme, Long Island, Aride, Mouenne, Grande Soeur and Aride. These islands do not have accommodation for visitors to the Seychelles islands.

The Inner Islands of Seychelles boast many breathtaking beaches and island getaways for romance, snorkeling, diving, sailing and experiencing the culture and way of life in the Seychelles islands.

The islands extending beyond the Seychelles plateau are known as the Outer Islands. Because of their distance away from the Inner Islands, the Outer Islands are not visited as frequently as the Inner Islands. Accommodation is provided only on two of the islands whilst the rest of the islands are either uninhabited, isolated rocks or sand pits. The Outer Islands of Seychelles present wonderful sailing, diving and fishing experiences.

The Outer Islands include: Aldabra Group (Aldabra Atoll, Assumption, Astove, Cosmoledo Atoll), Amirantes Group (African Banks, D’Arros, Desroches, Poivre Atoll, Remire, St. Joseph Atoll), Alphonse Group (Alphonse, Bijoutier, St. Francois), Farquhar Group (Farquhar Atoll, Providence Atoll); Southern Coral Group (Coetivy, Platte).

A few of the famous beaches in Seychelles islands are found in Mahé, such as Anse a la Manche, Anse Aux Pins and Turtle Bay, Anse major, Anse Boileau; La Digue – Anse Bonnet Carre, Anse Cocos, Anse La Reunion, Anse Gualette; and on Praslin – Anse Georgette, Anse Gaulettes.

Two Seychelles islands were designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of these, the Vallée de Mai, which was often said to have been the Garden of Eden, is extremely beautiful. Vallée de Mai has protected forests and plant and animal life. Taking advantage of the opportunity to apply for a second passport is always a wise decision. It promotes wealth preservation and opens doors to business opportunities and for many is a gateway to safety from social turmoil. Having a second passport maximizes opportunities for more visa free travel. For information on how to apply for citizenship by investment and to find out what are the application procedures, please be welcomed to contact our professional team of economic citizenship and offshore company agents, these agents provide not only Seychelles offshore services, usaully they work with other jurisdictions and can help you, for example, with Belize company formation.

Like Vallée de Mai, Fond Ferdinand located in Praslin features protected forests that are home to four of the oldest palm trees found on the Seychelles islands. Fond Ferdinand extends over several more acres of land than the Vallée and is known for its exotic fauna and flora.

The Seychelles islands have developed a reliable and advanced system of interisland transportation via sea and air. Most interisland operations between the Seychelles islands operate from Mahé and allow for quick and easy travel from one island to the next within relatively short periods of time.

On the Seychelles islands of Mahé and Praslin bus is used as the main form of public transportation. Different types of buses are used for traveling based on the road conditions of the various routes run in the islands. In 1977 the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation was established to provide a secure and organized means of transportation on Praslin and Mahé. This bus system provides 1100 trips everyday and operates a network of 41 routes. The bus schedules are fixed and the service is provided at a regular rate of 7 Seychelles rupees per trip. Buses which provide air conditioned services and more comfort cost 10 rupees. Other forms of transportation services like car rentals make transportation throughout the individuals possible. Travel from Mahé to Praslin can be done via interisland shuttle services. Helicopter charter services are available and are available along with organised excursions, shuttle flights for viewing the Seychelles islands from air and transfer services. There is also the possibility of contracting interisland aerial limo services from with the Inner Islands.