Seychelles Investment Options

Seychelles offers many lucrative business opportunities for investing. Tourism in Seychelles is important to the economy as a leading means of generating revenue and employment for the people of Seychelles. In spite of the challenges confronted by the economy of Seychelles, the government works closely with the IMF and other organisations that are able to propose meaningful ways of improving the Seychelles economy and society whilst indicating the way forward to progress.

The Seychelles islands are beautiful with a diversified cultural background which makes the islands a melting pot of ethnic integration. With regard to investing in Seychelles tourism, plans undertaken are embodied in the Tourism Strategy 2017 and the Ecotourism Strategy Sets 21 which describe the government’s objectives, plans and vision for tourism and ecotourism development over a period of time.

Ways sought to reduce the dependence of the Seychelles on tourism include various strategies that were developed by the Government of Seychelles and stakeholders. One of the mechanisms put in place for investing in Seychelles not only as a tourist destination is the creation of various organisations and bureaux that are charged with promoting, regulating and supervising Seychelles investment opportunities and the Seychelles as a centre for investment in manufacturing, fishing, construction, agriculture, tourism and offshore and financial services.

For example, the Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB) and the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) are key players in investment projects and economic activities within the Seychelles. Both organisations have distinct functions, but, these functions are interdependent in the sense that the two work towards the common goal of promoting foreign and offshore investment in Seychelles. This invest Seychelles bureau is divided into four main departments comprising a secretariat which is responsible for executing policies of the Bureau, directing operational units and managing the organisation; the business development unit which promotes business, appraises projects, takes care of legal matter, conducts research and manages events organised by the Bureau; the corporate service department which supervises and controls human resource, financial matter and information technology; and an aftercare unit which administers and implements concessions provided for by the Tourism Incentive Act (2008).

Seychelles International Business Authority, on the other hand, deals principally with offshore and financial services provided in Seychelles. SIBA’s Board of Directors consists of professionals who belong to the private and public sectors and are trained in the licensing and regulatory laws for investing in Seychelles as an international offshore centre. Seychelles investment offshore products regulated by SIBA are offshore trusts, protected cell companies, offshore limited partnerships, offshore companies, offshore mutual and hedge funds and offshore insurance. Seychelles investment in a yacht registry has greatly benefited the country. Offshore banking as investing in Seychelles pays off both for the investor and Seychelles which remains an attractive well regulated tax haven.

Seychelles investment opportunities are available to investors. Investing in Seychelles presents many advantages due to the republic’s stable government and policies, and welcoming international business environment. Seychelles’ investment code offers a legal framework that promotes increased business and investment in Seychelles. Another advantage for investing in Seychelles is its working hours which overlap with major developed countries due to the time zone. Seychelles has sea and air links to Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States. Seychelles investment opportunities are not threatened by cyclones because of its strategic location away from that zone. Two deepwater berths at the port in Victoria are equipped with modern and advanced port facilities.

Seychelles investment incentives offered by the government include various concessions on fuel, goods and services tax, trades tax, accelerated depreciation, social security, permits for gainful occupation and promoting investment in Seychelles.

New investments in Seychelles, besides the hotel sector, such as IT, medical tourism, food catering services for air travel, spas, restaurants and entertainment spots and scuba dive centres help to broaden the scope of areas in which investing in Seychelles can be undertaken. Away from tourism again, maximizing investment in Seychelles fishing industry is important to sustainable development of the economy. Hence, Seychelles investment opportunities in offshore fish cage culture, cold storage of different types of catch with the exception of tuna and the production of fish meal and fish leather both for local consumption and export.

It has been seen necessary to boost government investment in Seychelles’ ancillary port facilities by upgrading and redeveloping interisland quays, extending commercial ports and transshipment facilities. Seychelles investment opportunities in ship repair have been identified as a viable activity for the economy of the Seychelles islands. Information is available on real estate investments and how to apply for a second citizenship which can help to create many opportunities.
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Major investments in Seychelles via the petroleum industry also form part of the Government of Seychelles plan to further enhance the republic’s progress. Both the Government and the Seychelles Petroleum Company Limited are undertaking a joint venture to offer prospective open acreage to international oil companies that are interested hydrocarbon exploration in Seychelles. Exploration for hydrocarbons in Seychelles has been done for several years, since 1977. A concession-type Model Petroleum Agreement was designed for the interested parties of Seychelles investments in the petroleum industry.