Seychelles Hotels

Seychelles hotel sector is in the process of undergoing many positive changes. Hotels in Seychelles offer choice through a variety of accommodation that can be found on the islands. Constant development in the construction and refurbishment of hotels in Seychelles give visitors and investors better services and business opportunities to look forward to. Currently, there are 16 islands that are developed to the point of being able to offer accommodation in the Seychelles at a level that meets international standards.

In Seychelles, hotels are grouped into main categories based on the type of accommodation they offer. The categories for hotels in Seychelles include spa hotels, small hotels and guesthouses, large hotels, marina hotels, island resorts, boat charters, self catering and Seychelles secrets, and offer a taste of what Seychelles accommodation and hospitality are about.

Hotels in Seychelles classified as ‘Seychelles Secrets’ are found in the islands of La Digue, Praslin and Mahé and feature a range of guest houses, self-catering establishments and small houses. This type of Seychelles accommodation offers a home grown product that helps visitors to experience a Seychelles vacation from a local standpoint. Visitors are treated to Creole cuisine, culture and true Seychellois hospitality.

Choosing a hotel in Seychelles may be influenced by the type of vacation the visitor is looking for. With hundreds of beaches and landforms to choose from, Seychelles hotels on beaches, large areas of flat land, in the centre of towns or near a lagoon make the Seychelles hotel experience a unique one. Seychelles accommodations provide lots of variety for the choosy, free spirited or executive traveler.

Each island of the Seychelles archipelago offers service in a unique way that blends with the natural resources and natural resources promoted. Seychelles hotel structures range from guest houses, to inns, resorts, villas, plantation clubs, apartments, lodges and chalets. These accommodations in Seychelles comprise luxury 6 and 5 star resorts and hotels as well as 4, 3 and 2 star hotels.

Prices of Seychelles hotels cater to meet the pockets of visitors and include affordable rates for modest vacation seekers. Great opportunities are also available through our services for getting a second citizenship with the aim of owning a second home, possibly earning additional passive income through rent for example and preserving wealth. The more affordable hotels and guest houses include 3 and 2 star dwellings that are known for their friendly services and prices. But there are also highly rated hotels in Seychelles that are known to provide top quality services at modest prices for tourists. Basic amenities in Seychelles hotel or resorts generally feature air conditioning, minibar, safe, television, VCD, stereo compact disc, cassette player, telephone/answering machine.

Complimentary recreational activities at hotels in Seychelles may include mountain biking, trekking and table tennis. Personal trainers are often available as well as tour guides for hiking and horse riding activities that may be provided by the hotel. Fitness centres within Seychelles resorts may include facilities for cardio exercise, hammam, stretching and steps. Clients are free to learn about second citizenship opportunities, like Dominica Citizenship, as a long-term solution to estate planning and investment interests. Amenities for business centres provide e-mail service, photo printing, fax, photocopying and scanning services. Well equipped conference rooms are available for guests and provide services that allow guests to remain committed to work obligations or maintain contact with family and friends. Hotels in Seychelles that are located on a beach normally organize various types of water sports.

The location of the islands allow for a regular flow of visitors in the Seychelles. Hotels benefit from constant undisturbed warm tropical weather throughout the year. However, visiting the Seychelles at certain times of the year may be better suited for the vacation idea that a visitor has. During the months of April May and October and November, for example, the conditions for diving, swimming and snorkeling are at their best, whilst from May to September the conditions for sailing are more favorable due to brisker south-easterly trade winds that create a windier environment. During these months, the temperatures are also cooler.