Seychelles Island

The Seychelles comprise over 100 beautiful islands that are classified among the oldest granitic islands in the world. The islands reveal a combination of granitic and coral formation which gives rise to the fertile soils, tropical forests and awesome white sand beaches found in the archipelago of Seychelles islands. Over the years, The Seychelles also made its name as a leading location for offshore companies formation services. Traveling to Seychelles continues to become more popular amongst vacation seekers and investors that are interested in the islands and what they have to offer. Seychelles travel agents facilitate flights and bookings for Seychelles travel plans and help ensure that a visit to any Seychelles island is a memorable experience. Going offshore is also simple, as the islands have developed advanced systems for facilitating Seychelles and Belize company incorporation and tax free asset protection structures.

Seychelles travel laws do not stipulate any visa requirement for entry to the Seychelles islands. In the place of issuing Seychelles travel visas, visitor permits are issued upon arrival in Seychelles. For travel within the Seychelles islands, permits are granted for a 3 month period and can be extended for another 3 months by the authorities if required. Where necessary, Seychelles travel permits can be further extended for successive 3 month durations which are not to exceed a period of 12 months in total. When visiting information on estate planning can always be sought. Gainful employment when traveling to Seychelles is not allowed for regular visitors. For gainful employment in any Seychelles island a Gainful Occupation Permit must be obtained by the company or individual concerned.

Information that is important when traveling to Seychelles include holidays and the time differences that exist and the regular hours during which businesses in the islands operate. This helps visitors to plan adequately whenever there is intent to travel to Seychelles, especially for the first time. Traveling to Seychelles at points in the year will allow visitors to experience a difference aspect of life and tradition in the islands. Holidays are generally the same with those celebrated internationally and include Christmas, National Day, Independence Day, Good Friday, Labour Day and New Year’s Day. The Seychelles islands are 2 hours ahead of European summer time and 4 hours ahead of GMT. Though regular business hours are from 8am to 4pm, private companies are generally opened to the public from 8:30am to 5 in the afternoon.

Seychelles travel guides offer a lot of information on places to go and where to stay when traveling to Seychelles. Accommodation is available in about 16 of the islands surrounding the main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Seychelles travel guide brochures provide a wealth of information on hotels, resorts, guest houses, plantation inns and villas in the Seychelles islands. Tourism in the Seychelles is very developed because of the options that are available to vacationers and incentives that have been implemented for investors.

Seychelles travel opportunities allow for enjoying one’s stay at hotels and guest houses that were once plantation houses and have been slightly renovated by the resident owners to suit new modernized preferences. Seychelles travel throughout the more distant or outer islands will show several guest houses and chalets built with locally made thatched-roofs. On the main islands there are self-catering establishments. Our firm has been involved in providing a number of services including facilitating applications for dual citizenship. This is done by introducing clients to citizenship-by-investment which creates an avenue for individuals with their immediate families to make an investment in real estate or development fund project and qualify to apply.

Though camping is not allowed, adventure tours are organised with trained tour guides and charter services throughout the Seychelles islands. Each Seychelles Island promotes its own unique specialty, be it cuisine, natural landscape, culture, music or resorts. Traveling to Seychelles at certain months may prove more favorable for various types of recreational sports and activities. Some months are cooler and breezier than others and so are highly recommended for sailing. We provide support through government approved agents for dual citizenship. We help to process citizenship applications to overseas nationals who wish to own a second passport by obtaining a second citizenship.

Some of the benefits of having a second citizenship are asset protection and easier travel to less visa requirement for travel. Economic citizenship facilitates getting a second citizenship by way of an investment into the economy or real estate of the country chosen. Diving, swimming and snorkeling are also more satisfactory at certain times when water visibility is at its best for several meters and extended periods of time. Seychelles travel means waterskiing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, diving, windsurfing and underwater photography. Hotels and resorts often offer exercise and gym sessions for guests as well as water sports with the use of well equipped facilities and trained staff.

As tropical islands, there is much of nature to see and enjoy. The Seychelles islands have two national parks which must be visited when traveling to Seychelles. One of these was even thought to have been the Garden of Eden. Colonial style mansions, vanilla and cinnamon plantations, Creole cuisine, unique tuna dishes and diverse fauna and flora make Seychelles travel a distinctive and enjoyable experience.

Seychelles travel agents provide services for island hopping through the Seychelles islands. Traveling throughout the isles is facilitated by aerial limo, charter helicopter and ferry services as well as interisland air travel.